The Social Services Department is designed to provide families with different services provided within the program. One type of service provided is General Assistance (formally known as IGA);General Assistance (GA) is a last resort program for families who have exhausted their funding from welfare or TANF. Another assistant program is for burial assistance - where low income families who are tribal members can request for help with burial costs.

The Social Services Department can provide applications to other assistance programs such as commodities, and welfare/ TANF. If need be, the department can provide transportation for clients of welfare to their interviews.
A new thing that Social Services is offering through ITCN is a WIC clinic in Yomba. The ITCN WIC representative will visit Yomba every 3 months to sign up new families or do their checkups.

Our Social Service Director as well as one other person, are a part of our Child Protection Team who​​​​​​ responds to calls of child abuse or neglect along side law enforcement.

To contact Social Services call:
(775) 964-2463 extension 107

Social Services