About the Special Diabetes Program for Indians:
In response to the diabetes epidemic among American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) people, Congress established the Special Diabetes Program fro Indians (SDPI) in 1997 to provide funds for diabetes prevention and treatment services. Through the SDPI grant program, AI/AN communities have been able to develop much needed diabetes programs and increase access to quality diabetes care. 

The Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) Community-Directed Program:
  • Provides grants to 301 IHS, Tribal, and Urban Indian health programs n 35 states to implement iabetes treatment and prevention services.
  • Focuses on effective evidence-based interventions strategies using the SDPI Diabetes Best Practices.
  • Uses a broad, community-based public health approach to diabetes treastment and prevention for American Indian and Alaska Native people.
  • Identifies and develops services and activites that address local concerns and needs.

Diabetes Program

Special Diabetes Program for Indians

For more information or questions, contact the Diabetes Department at:

Direct Line: (775)993-3233

Yomba Tribe: (775)964-6020 Ext. 1011

Email: diabetes@yombatribe.org