The ​Recreation Program is provided to create activities for the YST community. This years recreation program is focused on doing a lot with the children living on the reservation.

​As we all know, it is hard to be involved in extracurricular activities when living in such a secluded area, so the objective of RP is to bring the extracurricular activities home in order to educate while maintaining the fun for our community. So far the recreation program have painted pumpkins, made pumpkin pies for elders, and wreath making. This program hopes to start taking the children out on field trips to experience new things such as skiing and bowling.

​In addition to the children, the RP also does activities for the whole community- types of activities include learning the Newe language, beading, making moccasins, and other traditional art forms.
​Along with that, the RP will start doing open gym on a more regular basis, to promote a healthy lifestyle. If there are any activities you wish to see happen or have any suggestions, please contact Samantha Gentry at (775) 964-2463.