The Community Health Representatives (CHR) Program is an Indian Health Service (IHS) funded, tribally contracted/granted and directed program of well-trained, community-based, health care providers, who provide health promotion and disease prevention services in their communities.

Mission Statement:

To provide quality outreach health care services to American Indians and Alaska Natives within their communities through the use of well-trained CHRs as mandated by Section 107 of P.L. 100-713, dated November 23, 1988.

Reference: https://www.ihs.gov

Community Health Director, Davanna Hooper

Davanna is a Yomba Shoshone Tribal Member who has been the CHR Director since September 2017; following the retirement of Laura Saunders who was the CHR Director for over 45 years. Davanna attended Haskell Indian Nations University and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Indigenous American Indian Studies. 

Transportation Driver/CHR, Randy Brady

Randy is a Yomba Shoshone Tribal Member who has been a part of the CHR program for over 10 years. He also assists the Diabetes Program.

Contact us at (775) 964-2463 ext. 120 or email chr@yombatribe.org