Introduction and Background

The Yomba Tribe, with its reservation, is generally located in south central Nevada. The Yomba Indian Reservation contains approximately 4,681 acres of land located within the upper Reese River Valley of Nye County, Nevada. The lands now comprising the Yomba Indian Reservation were assimilated between July 1937 and February 1941 from a series of four separate ranch acquisitions including the Bowler Ranch, Doyle (Bolster) Ranch, Dieringer Ranch and the Worthington Ranch. The upper Reese River and its tributaries provide irrigation water for each of these ranch areas, as well as the intervening, non-tribally owned ranches.
Total Reservation Population: 114

Tribal Enrollment: 187

Elevation: 6,635 ft.

Yomba Shoshone Tribal Council.....

Wayne K. Dyer - (Chairman)
David Brigham-Smith - (Vice-Chair)
Elisha Mockerman - Member
James Birchim Sr. - Member
Ronald Snooks - Member

Arc Dome
Elevation: 11,788 ft